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Friday, January 25, 2008

Poppy and Chocolate cake

Submited by a very nice visitor for you enjoyment.

Poppy and Chocolate cake

Integrates: for 4

1. 2 eggs
2. 1 tea cup of sugar
3. 1 teacup of sunflower oil
4. 2 pack of vanilla sugar
5. 1 and half tea cup of milk
6. 1 tea cup of farina tip 550 or 500
7. 2 and half tea cup of grounded poppy
8. half tea cup of semolina
9. 1 baking powder
10. half tea spoon of sea salt
11. 2 table spoon of chocolate powder
12. 1 table spoon of rum
1. 7 table spoon of marmalade
2. 1 tea spoon of honey
3. 1 table spoon of Rum
* 100 gram of dark chocolate/70% of cacao/* 80 grams of butter*
2 table spoon warm water
* first mix eggs with sugar and vanilla*
add oil,milk,farina and mix it slowly*
add semolina ,baking powder,chocolate powder, grounded poppy and Rum*
mix more 5 min.*
bake it on 180 Celsius about half hour*
add coating and glaze while all is warm*
put all in fridge for 8 hour*
serve cold and Bone Appetit


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