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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nerw Organization for the Recipes

I found a wigget that allows for files to be downloaded off a blog. Yipee....not completely what I was looking for but it will do. So very slowly I am moving all the recipes to this wigget. Any recipe that disappears form the posted lists will now be offered in the wigget at the top of the posts, called recipe index. The folders you see will open when you click on them to show more contents.

They are all safe to download. Basically, I just made all the recipes into text files, then loaded them to my storage account. I can't copy the pictures of the recipes. Recipes are not copyrighted, but the pictures are. Creating a link to where the recipe came from is one thing, but coping a recipe with the picture can get me into alot of trouble.

If you make a recipe off this site and its in the download wigget, please send me it so I can include a non-copyrighted picture of what the recipe looks like. If you want I will include your name with the picture to give you credit. If you don't request that I will just assume you don't want credit and not include your name.

On a side note, I know there have been a few returning visitors to my site, it would be nice to have some feedback so I know what to include for content on this site.

Thanks :)

PS. Those ebay auctions are live auctions, you click on one, it will take you to the actual ebay site.

Cioa Ciao :)


robbin said...

great site will try some of your recipes for sure thanks Robbin